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Mirai Translator ®

An AI (neural machine) automated translation solution favored by large corporations. Support for multiple languages and a variety of file formats dramatically increases productivity for translation tasks.

About Mirai Translator®

Vendor speech translation API

Mirai Translate Platform Speech Translation API service

A multilingual cloud-based vendor API service that supports spoken language. It utilizes the results of research and development conducted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Promotion of Global Communication Plan" and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT).

About speech translation API service

Cases of joint development

We also provide cloud services using machine translation technology with our partner companies.

Translation quality

Translation accuracy comparable to professional translator with a TOEIC score of 960

Equipped with a neural machine translation (NMT) engine, it improves the accuracy of translations mainly for business communication and economic news. "Information transfer" and "fluency" of translations are up to 32% better than traditional statistical translation engines.

Using the legal and financial model developed jointly with a law firm, Anderson Mōri & Tomotsune, legal documents such as contracts, articles of incorporation, and regulations, as well as financial documents such as financial results summaries, securities reports, and annual reports can be translated at a practical level.

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Secure system for translating confidential information

Acquired ISO 27017 certification for cloud machine translation in Japan for the first time. In conjunction with ISO 27001 (ISMS), which has also been certified, it meets the stringent security requirements and information protection requirements of financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies, which demand very high standards.

* ISO 27001 (ISMS): An international standard certified by third parties that the information security system of the cloud service is being built with high security
* ISO 27017: An international standard for cloud security certification specifically for cloud services

  • IS 692259 / ISO27001
  • CLOUD 7221234
    / ISO 27017

About translation security

Use cases

Cases where we can help you

Mirai Translate demonstrates its strengths in cases such as "I want to check the contents of the contract," and "I want to make a proposal in English," where quality, speed, and confidentiality are required.

Our customers include major corporations.

Our customers

Use cases and case studies

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