Mirai Translate

Translation A.I. is the leading-edge machine translation.

A desire to eliminate language barriers through machine translation.
A desire to improve translation technology for business to a level without any uncomfortable feeling.
Solving these desires requires an improvement in translation engine performance, technological capability and development capability when building an automated translation solution.
Mirai Translate has made such a solution feasible by incorporating the industry's top-level technologies and resources.
Mirai Translate can be developed in accordance with the circumstances surrounding your company, just like A. I.
Mirai Translate is an unprecedented comprehensive machine translation solution.
We foster innovation for your business.

Mirai Translate's technologies and resources

  • Natural language processing technology
  • Application development capability
  • Technologies and experiences in translation solutions
  • Abundant corpus resources

Three types of engine which Mirai Translate utilizes

In order to achieve an automated translation solution, we have prepared three types of translation engine.
We will assess the characteristics of the respective engines and customize them to fit each customer's needs, industry and purpose of use.

Three types of engine which Mirai Translate utilizes Three types of engine which Mirai Translate utilizes

What is rule-based machine translation?

  • MethodTranslation rules are established manually with reference to grammar and dictionaries.
  • Advantage

    Mirai Translate is capable of handling sentences in all fields because of its method of translation which combines words and grammar. (High versatility)

    Provides translation between languages which have a different word-order without breaking the structure of the sentence, regardless of the contents.

  • Key points to improve accuracyImprovement in translation accuracy requires language specialists and engineers to establish rules and create dictionaries. (Human resource expense)

Rule BasedMachine Translation

What is statistical machine translation?

  • MethodTranslating a language by learning statistical translation models based on a large amount of parallel translated sentences (corpus).
  • Advantage

    Preparation of corpus data for specific fields enables translation in accordance with specific use purposes and categories.

    Easily translates colloquial sentences which may have broken grammatical rules and structures.

  • Key points to improve accuracy"Quality and quantity" of parallel translated sentences are essential for any improvement in translation accuracy. (Corpus collection expense)

Statistical Machine Translation