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Usage Example

utility of machine translation

The increasing number of people who have not normally handled foreign languages due to the increase in overseas business and overseas transactions is increasing the number of opportunities to perform multilingual operations in daily operations. In order to address these situations and establish a business advantage, the ability to properly handle foreign languages is essential.

In foreign languages, the cost of communication is increased even more than in your native language, including the cost of the money, as well as the cost. "I have only half of the documents I have to submit in the morning tomorrow morning, but I have to make it in English from Japanese." There are a few businessmen who have been in such a phase.

Machine translation is active at this time. Machine translation allows you to translate a lot faster than manual translation, and you can avoid spelling errors that occur frequently. However, translation accuracy is not perfect. Sometimes the translated word is wrong, there is a translation, or the grammar is wrong. However, it is much more efficient to modify the results of a machine than the work of translating everything from one to the other. Also, even in foreign language sentences that you don't know at all, you can easily get an overview by making a machine translation in Japanese.

The accuracy of machine translation is significantly higher than a few years ago due to technological innovation. Neural machine translation, which is a factor, is an advanced translation technology that will play a leading role in the future of global society, which is created by deep learning. Please check the accuracy of machine translation in our trial translation.


information sharing

Communication among multilingual languages is increasing. Information sharing needs to be done efficiently, and machine translation is active for the purpose of improving the efficiency of cost and time, and for sharing comprehensive information.

overseas survey

The investigation should cover a large amount of literature. You need a huge amount of time to collect the necessary information from many documents. Collecting large amounts of non-native literature during overseas surveys is not just consuming time but also stress. In such a case, you can translate foreign documents and read them in your native language to save time and reduce the stress of the investigation.

Preparation of translation under formal documents

Thanks to the innovation of machine translation, the accuracy of fluency of translation results by machine translation has improved, so it can be used as a translation under formal documents. Because translations are fluent, manual correction is easy to work. As well as the cost of translation, you can save time and increase the number of documents you translate.

voice translation communication

Voice translation applications can be used as communication aids for inbound customers. It supports not only English but also Chinese, Southeast Asian languages and European languages. When you talk to an app with voice, text and audio are output in foreign languages.

To use machine translation

The accuracy of machine translation is not perfect yet. Some of the original text may be missing or the translation is wrong. Therefore, the following points can be taken into account to make use of machine translation better. ・ Write the original text as short as possible and use the translation process to reduce the number of unknown words (Words that the translation engine does not know) by using the user dictionary to reduce the number of unknown words and translated translations manually. Prepare for future custom translation model generation.