Cloud-based enterprise AI automated translationMirai Translator®

An AI automatic translation solution for corporate document translation as a service for customers who deal with multilingual projects. You can use the user dictionary function to translate text and files by group.

* A portion of the technology is incorporated into the product by Mirai Translate, Inc., using the research results of the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT).


Translation quality

Translation accuracy comparable to professional translator with a TOEIC score of 960

Equipped with a neural machine translation (NMT) engine, it improves the accuracy of translations mainly for business communication and economic news. "Information transfer" and "fluency" of translations are up to 32% better than traditional statistical translation engines.

Using the legal and financial model developed jointly with a law firm, Anderson Mōri & Tomotsune, legal documents such as contracts, articles of incorporation, and regulations, as well as financial documents such as financial results summaries, securities reports, and annual reports can be translated at a practical level.


Secure system for translating confidential information

Acquired ISO 27017 certification for cloud machine translation in Japan for the first time. In conjunction with ISO 27001 (ISMS), which has also been certified, it meets the stringent security requirements and information protection requirements of financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, and government agencies, which demand very high standards.

* ISO 27001 (ISMS): An international standard certified by third parties that the information security system of the cloud service is being built with high security
* ISO 27017: An international standard for cloud security certification specifically for cloud services

  • IS 692259 / ISO27001
  • CLOUD 7221234
    / ISO 27017

About translation security

Three key features

  • Translation

    Text and files (Word, PPT, PDF, etc.) can be translated with a high-precision neural machine translation engine.

  • Customization

    You can store nouns such as product names, technical terms, and special internal terminology in the dictionary, and you can store specific sentences such as email phrases and manuals in the memory.

  • Group/profile management

    You can manage users in your company and share custom-managed resources (user dictionaries and translation memories).

High-precision translation

In file translations, text format can be maintained.

Supported files

Text file • MIME type: text/plain (character code: UTF-8)
Word file • Office 2010, Office 2013, or Office 2016 files in .docx format
Excel file • Office 2010, Office 2013, or Office 2016 files in .xlsx format
PowerPoint file • Office 2010, Office 2013, or Office 2016 files in .pptx format
PDF file • PDF files created in accordance with the ISO standard

Customization functions to improve work efficiency

User/profile management

Try the same functions as the product version.

Free trial

Many companies use our services.

Use cases and case studies

Service details

Service name Mirai Translator ®
Functions offered Translation tool functions: Text translation and file translation
Resource management: User dictionaries and translation memories
Administrative functions: Profile management and user management
Available languages
  • • Standard language pairs
    Japanese to/from English and Chinese (simplified/traditional)
  • • Legal and financial model language pairs
    Japanese to/from English and Chinese (simplified/traditional)
  • • Multilingual service language pairs
    Japanese to/from
    • European languages (German, Spanish (Europe), French, Portuguese (Europe), Russian, and Italian) and Asian languages (Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian)
    English to/from
    • European languages (German, Spanish (Europe), French, Portuguese (Europe), Russian, and Italian) and Asian languages (Korean, Chinese (simplified/traditional), Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian)
Translation model
(assumed use)
Generic translation model (translation of business communications and technical documents)
Legal and financial model (translation of legal documents such as contracts and regulations, and financial documents such as financial results summaries and annual reports)
Operating hours 24 hours, 365 days
Service form It is built on Amazon Web Services managed by Mirai Translate and provided through Mirai Translate administration and operation.
Communication SSL communication
Authentication ID (email address) and password authentication
IP address authentication function (selected at the time of application)
Two-factor authentication function (selected at the time of application)
Response to vulnerabilities Periodic vulnerability testing is conducted by a third party and prompt response based on test results is taken.
Storage of data Your translation processing data (translation log text) is stored temporarily for display on the service (deleted immediately after displaying).
Only the results of file translation are retained for the specified retention period (up to 30 days) and automatically deleted at the end of the period. Immediate deletion by user operation is also possible.
ID/password data, user dictionary, translation memory, and profile information are stored encrypted as customer registration data.
Operation Operation in compliance with ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 security requirements
Administrator management Administrators who can access data are limited according to the management system defined by our Information Security Policy.
Non-disclosure agreement The confidentiality clause of the Terms of Service covers data sent to your service.
Secondary use of data We do not make any secondary use of customer translation log data to improve the accuracy of Mirai Translate services.
Security inquiry Security check sheet is supported.

Terms of Service

Sales agency

If you have any questions about implementation,you can also contact the sales agencies.


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