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Language Professional Services


This is a translation engine tuning service for customers wishing to use high-precision machine translation specialized in specific fields and documents. We provide translation data for each customer and tune the machine translation engine. If a specific field is provided for translation services, or if machine translation is used within a company or a specific department, Mirai Translate experts will respond and improve the accuracy of the translation engine.

Basic Language Professional Services Flow

data collection
・ The corpus between two languages is extracted from TM, text (Word, PDF, XML), etc.
・Extract single language corpus from text and content in related fields

・Cleaning Corpus
・Determination of the optimal engine
・setting of tuning parameters
・ Generating Translation Model Language Models

・Prepare test data (Set of original text and correct translation)
・Carry out a human power evaluation

translation model

※ The language professional service is designed to improve the accuracy of machine translation, but it does not guarantee improvement in accuracy because quality depends on the quality and quantity of the translation corpus.

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