Mirai Translate will custom-build a translation A. I.
specialized for your company.

Cost reduction by operating process improvements, sales increase by acquisition of new customers including global deployments, creation of services to change the world (new business), etc.We will make innovation happen for your business and create an exciting "MIRAI (future)".

Share with us your vision and challenges, and together we will arrive at the best solution utilizing our products and services.We do not have any ready-made products.We will provide you with a one-of-a-kind translation A. I.

Base products and services

  • Machine translation engine

    Machine translation engine
    (for written language/spoken language)

  • Translation system solution

    Translation system solution
    (Microsoft ® Office, PDF,
    Web browser cooperative tool)

  • Safe and scalable cloud solution

    Safe and scalable cloud solution

  • Language professional service

    Language professional service
    (corpus collection, tuning)

Innovation Image ASpeeding up of business

Speeding up of business

Speeding up of business
Translation x Business Tool
Until now, co-worker who was good at languages translated and coordinated.
Now though, instantaneous translation and sharing of foreign language documents including knowhow, reports, and manuals will contribute to the speeding up of product development and provision of services.
Incorporating a translation system into your business tools (scheduler, e-mail program, chat program) will enable the employees of multinational/global organizations who speak different languages to have direct communications with each other.

Innovation Image BCross-border information collection/transmission

Cross-border information collection/transmission

Cross-border information collection/transmission
Translation x Database x WEB
Until now, information was collected/transmitted mainly in the native language and so the volume of information and target customer segments were limited.
Now though, documents published on the internet and the large volume of data in the database can be viewed and retrieved in your native language, which will accelerate the collection of information.
Word-of-mouth information and new information which is updated daily on your company website can all be transmitted in multiple languages in real time, which will accelerate the transmission of information and expand your target customer segments.
In the future,
the following innovations will be possible.

Future innovation image AEstablishment of a cross-border project team

Establishment of a cross-border project team

Establishment of a cross-border project team
Translation x Speech recognition x Teleconference
Until now, discussions with overseas partners were held via translators.
Now though, the Mirai Translate system will be introduced with teleconference in a company where the employees speak different languages. The real-time display of translation subtitles makes the communication smooth.
Utilizing a speech translation system at a factory or construction site where people from various countries work will enable oral communication such as work instructions and messages.
This will stimulate cooperation with overseas human resources as well as enabling translation cost reduction and improvement in the speed of business operations, thereby achieving a wide range of collaboration. In other words, the selection of human resources to be dispatched on-site from the various (transnational) options will eventually contribute to stabilization of the business.

Future innovation image BCreate an experience of OMOTENASHI (hospitality)

Create an experience of OMOTENASHI (hospitality)

Create an experience of OMOTENASHI (hospitality)
Translation x Speech recognition x Concierge x Robot
Until now, requests from foreign customers were satisfied at a level no better than the minimum level.
Now though, robot employees can attend to foreign customers in multiple languages. Improvements in customer satisfaction can be expected as well as the ability to attract more customers.
Also contributes to labor cost reduction.
A solution to fit your company's circumstances.
Mirai Translate will smoothly construct.

Introduction process

1st STEP

Let us know what kind of innovation you would like to achieve, and what kind of issues you would like to solve.

2nd STEP

Proposal of plan and solution
How to solve issues by using a translation A.I.
We will propose a solution.

3rd STEP

We will verify the practicality of the solution. We will prepare the words and documents to be used in your business, have them registered in dictionaries, and make a translation engine learn the parallel translated corpus, thereby customizing and tuning the engine, and verifying it in the actual use environment.

4th STEP

Development and introduction
We will incorporate our translation A. I. into your actual use environment.

5th STEP

Learning and accuracy improvement
Parallel translations will be continuously accumulated.
Mirai Translate will keep improving translation accuracy together with you.